Are we as women lifting each other up enough?

Are we as women lifting each other up enough?

This was a question that was raised during my insta live with the amazing sally brider ASICS front runner and leader of sports of children and cancer charity!

During our chat we spoke about how empowered running made us feel and how when we run together the run feels so much easier and well isn’t this a metaphor for life, and in a new world of social distancing we need to energetically pull together and show up for our sisters more than ever!

I started my running journey with sally and although a much more experienced runner than me she never ran ahead of me she supported me immensely during those first 5,7, 10ks and for this I will never forget her for that

I have ran two half marathons with Sally my second half marathon in 2 months was when I was 9 weeks pregnant (she didn’t know I didn’t want to put her off 🤣)

The last 1k I wanted to stop and was ready too but sally literally pulled me through as you can see in the right side pic ❤

When I moved to Spain I missed the energy of LYS and sally helped to find that through running!

Sally’s running story is so inspirational in our insta chat she talks about how she overcome “the witch menapause” with running and how she empowered herself after having a series of low days when she moved back to the Uk, as she was feeling redundant now her daughter was needing her less. Sally began her journey back to empowerment by applying to ASICS to be a front runner ambassador and when she got the role she had dreamed off everything started to happen for her.

In addition Sally chatted about negative experiences with women and sports and how she sometimes was not made to feel part of the team which is so sad, as women we are one team and the more we work together the more we can achieve when one women rises she paives the way for others.

In business in the past I have had negative experiences with women and to be honest been hurt by people’s behaviors when they have not been a reflection of my own however it has made me the women I am today and if you take the past away how will you know what future you want!

Because of challenging relationships with women I worked with in the past it just makes me evan more grateful for the team I have around me now leading the way with love at LYS and YogaBears Uk.

I am proud to be a CEO of my own companies and although I am joined by some amazing CEO’s of companies like Lauren ash founder of Black girl in Om there are still major discrepancies of women heading companies,
Still today in Communications and Media Firms only 9% of boards of directors of these companies are women, we must strive together and use our many talents to increase this number so there are so many more women leading the way, and in my opinion we do this by lifting each other up.

Yoga empowers both men and women immensely and what starts as building confidence on the Yoga Mat begins to become transcended out to the world, I have met many students who have completely transformed their worlds after finding yoga, Whether it be leaving the job they was unhappy in and finding a new one they love, or finishing a relationship that was not serving them and feeling free!

Just like my YogaBears we are all have superpowers some are more specialized in one chakra super power than another, and this is what gives us our strengths and different flavors. It is pure magic when we learn to combine all the ingredients together, work collaboratively and be inspired and motivated by each other we have the winning recipe.

Together we are unstoppable! And that is why I am so proud of the amazing family community at LYS that is expanding by the day

for more from me and sally tune into our insta chat @liverpoolyogastdios
For More yoga for runners join LYS online, my new yoga running mediation is coming this weakend, let’s run into bright futures together!