Total Spine Backward Bending

Total Spine Backward Bending

The spine has a tremendous potential for movement and energy: the Hatha Yogis developed a whole science around it. And love them or hate them, backbends are usually part of every yoga class. They can present many different challenges and rewards.

This practical workshop will focus on getting more of the spine moving: not just the parts that move easily already, but the bits that don’t move so well too. A lot of people find that certain parts of their back seem to do more of the work in backward bending postures than others, often the parts which need to provide the most stability. By trying to get the rest of the muscles that support the movement involved, we will try to bring awareness to the whole of the spine in back bending. In fact, the hips shoulders, legs and arms play a vital role in getting the spine to move!

This workshop is for all levels: whether you’re flexible or not, or whether you think that some postures will never be within your reach or that you don’t even know where to start. We will work from the ground up to create the stability to go all the way back.

Join Michael on April 13th at 2pm

Investment £30