The Biggest 30 Day Challenge Ever

Coming to Liverpool Yoga Studios this October is the largest challenge yet! Existing & New Members alike, challenge yourself to 30 classes, in 30 days with your LYS community!

Starts October 3rd!

Doors open 06:30am on Monday October 3rd kicking the challenge off in a ‘Heated Hatha’ style!

What is a 30 Day Challenge?

A 30 Day Challenge is when participants challenge themselves to take a class a day for 30 consecutive days. Now, we understand that Life comes with many plans therefore the challenge is slightly flexible meaning that even the busiest of people can fit this into their schedule. If you miss a day……double up the following day!

The beauty of doing a challenge at LYS is that on average you will have 4 or 5 opportunities to take a class Monday to Friday and 6 times over the weekend. Depending on the day and depending on your mood you can mix your class schedule up! Some days you may fancy a sweat inducing vinyasa or heart racing HIIT class, maybe a strong but subtle pilates or even a slower more meditative, restorative class. The pace is up to you, to keep you returning back to your mat each day!

The Benefits of a 30 Day Challenge!

  • Kickstarting your body into a more positive, healthy routine!
  • Creating & promoting self discipline in a positive manner
  • Sweating out the sins of the summer and getting strong and healthy for winter!
  • Lose some weight and gain some muscle
  • Meet new people
  • Reduce anxiety and expel away depression
  • Strengthen your mind
  • Release negative energy

Did someone say Prizes !!!

Yes! This challenge comes with prizes! Every ten days a challenge member will win one of these amazing prises,

  • A Sports Massage with the amazing Ste from Movement & Maintenance
  • A PT with the incredible Lexi
  • A Transpire Gym Set or Mens alternative
  • A Meal voucher for 2 at one of Liverpool’s amazing new restaurants
  • A 3 month free membership
  • A 6 month free membership

How to enter?

Existing Members

Drop the studio an email or let a member of staff know when you are next here and we will add you to the new challenge board.

New to Liverpool Yoga Studios

To enter the challenge new members need to be on a 30 or 60 Day Introductory Offer that can be purchased by clicking the button below. Then all you need to do is drop the studio an email at to let the reception staff know to add you to the challenge board.

If you are mid way through an intro offer please talk to Vicky or Jo and they will arrange a membership option for you.