Rise & Shine

Rise and shine with your yoga practise to literally shine like a star.

Practicing yoga in the morning creates a healthy happy habit your body becomes accustomed to getting up at the same time each day even without the alarm clock whether that be kids or your smart phone.

This means you will wake up feeling more energized and alert. When you practice yoga, the attention to breathing, meditation, and asana has a magical effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for long-term body maintenance.

The endocrine system plays a major role for the body’s daily health and works directly with our chakra system;the 7 brains of the body.

We have 7 chakras in our bodies which are made up of energy centres that correspond to the specific glands and bodily functions the endocrine system controls.

Our energy centres correspond to our personality, communication, reproduction, and many others. At LYS we think of an 8th chakra as the energy centre of unity which bring all chakras and all our energy centres together.

Some yoga poses like standing foward fold
Which of course is in my wake and shine yoga flow on LYS on demand, stimulate the pineal gland which excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep patterns. As you regulate your circadian sleep cycles, the feeling of confusion and grogginess starts to disappear.

Connecting your body with the breath during your yoga practice, stimulates your entire body and mind, in my quick 25 min flow I have incorporated the breath into movement so we awaken our energy even more!

All of that fresh oxygen helps wake up the brain, and it can feel like a shot of caffeine; so that will make a double expresso if you treat yourself to coffee after your yoga practise like me, with lots of water of course my motto is hydrate before you caffeinate 😜

An upright star relates to the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit, and during my morning flow we have connected to the earth by grounding, become fluid like water, awakened our inner fire by working through our whole chakra system and literally let our spirit dance…….what a way to start the day!

Let’s wake up together start your day the right way with my rise and shine like a star yoga!

Would love to know how you find the flow tag me and the studio, here’s a sneak peak of the class below#riseandshinestartimeLYS

Love & light always Estelle

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