Rebirth 2020

How happy I am that the doors to LYS have opened and for me it really is just like a rebirth. I can’t lie I was feeling very emotional that I could not be there with the rest of my amazing team led by Vicky and Jo, I could literally feel the vibes all through the week leading up to the doors opening! It felt to me like there was so many opportunities and new doors opening too so it truly was a rebirth!

I remember first opening the doors to what was then BIkram Yoga Liverpool and teaching my first class on a Saturday to a packed out hot studio, I missed out two postures with nerves but no one knew or cared because the hot room high had landed, and everyone was fuelled with the love drug of yoga in a heated room. What’s not to love? you detox, create delta brainwaves(see previous blogs) find mindfulness and stretch and strengthen there is no feeling like it!

Since that first class our studio has grown and grown and now, we have not only our hot room,  we have an aerial yoga room, a nonhot yoga space and spin room and gym!! I am so proud of it all! All of these amazing spaces aside, the crown and glory has to be the  hot room as it truly is like no other and I have my husband Michaels  expertise to thank for that, with a background in heating and gas engineering he got the ratio of heat and humidity perfect with  a magical abstraction that releases fresh air in and takes stale air out, giving everyone in the room amazing detoxing benefits, literally fuelling our lungs during pranayama with maximum oxygen to feed our mind body and soul.

For me even living in Spain you just can’t beat that hot room feeling and when you come out of class you literally feel like you can take over the world, you feel stronger, more confident and more connected ready to live the LYS life of loving yourself and sending out love and gratitude even to those who may challenge us!

Another integral part to yoga and the LYS life is no judgement, and I think the more we learn to understand ourselves the more we can understand others and although their behaviours may seem challenging, if we begin to understand their story instead of judging we can find more compassion, I love the quote “never judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes” and maybe us yogis should change that too “never judge anyone until you have practiced on their mat!

I love our studio vibe and I know now more than ever everyone is grateful for the studio and our beautiful community and I am just in awe of the commitment of both staff and teachers!

When I first opened the doors to LYS I could never of imagined what it is today now even beyond a physical studio we also have our yoga online which Is going to take a major transformation over the next 6 months, we want everyone to be able to experience the LYS life!

I never just opened a business 9 years ago, I started a legacy and I am beyond proud!! Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the journey so far……the LYS life we are just getting started!!

Why not start your online journey with LYS by taking either mine or Danielle’s Bikram Class available at LYS Online!

Estelle xx