Our Story

Our story

Welcome to the Heal Well-Being located in the vibrant heart of Liverpool! 

At Heal, we believe in a diverse, all-encompassing approach to wellness that knows no boundaries. It’s not just a wellness centre; it’s a lifestyle, a family, a movement. We welcome individuals of all ages and abilities with open arms. Whether you’re a dynamic duo of mothers and daughters or wise grandparents inspiring generations, there’s a place for you in our extraordinary community.

Heal is more than a place; it’s a celebration of High Energy and Abundant Life!  Our Heal Tribe is a radiant, loving family that elevates each other and cranks up the vibe to the max. We’ve been hailed as the “new going out,” and guess what? You don’t need any toxins to get that exhilarating Heal High.

Our state-of-the-art Heal Studios are your portal to total wellness, designed to supercharge your energy and boost your vitality. No matter what your goals are, our dedicated spaces have you covered, taking your journey to the next level.

Discover the new era of well-being at Heal, where every moment is a celebration, and the future is all about your unstoppable energy and abundant life. Join us, and let’s soar together! 

Who are the creators

Our founders Estelle and Luke are both experts in their field. Estelle has over 15 years experience in Yoga and Luke has almost 20 years in the Health and Fitness industry.

They came together purely through chance when Luke attended a Yoga class at the old centre – LYS. Luke was truly blown away by the energy in the room, and so the business venture spark was ignited.

They both quickly and efficiently began planning the rise of HEAL and after just 2 months they launched this amazing powerhouse.

When planning they were advised to incorporate all types of Fitness and Well-being into the timetable, but they both agreed mutually that nothing else was needed other than ShredFast and Yoga. With this combination the pair believe they can change the world.
Become part of this rapidly rising phenomenon and #JoinTheMovement.

Our philosophy

We promise Quality

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