Monday 8th June – Happy Monday!

Monday 8th June – Happy Monday!

It’s Monday, Get up and create something amazing this week!!!     
This week at Lys we are feeling creative. During Covid Lockdown the cocktail of constraints & boredom has had a potent trigger for innovation & creativity in us….Hopefully we have inspired you too. Maybe when we emerge we will be holding the new ideas we need to create a better future

We have been busy behind the scenes creating lots of new classes for you this week. Todays newly added classes

New Classes 
Crow Flow-Vinyasa 
Warrior Flow-Vinyasa
Warrior Goddess Freedom Flow 2-Vinyasa
Neck & Shoulder Releaser-Express
Heart Opening Practice with Deep Healing Meditation-Vinyasa

More classes coming this week from Hero’s, danielle O, Han B, Jaq, Alex C, YogaMegs, Danielle P

We have received such lovely feedback! Thank you to everyone once again for supporting us and sharing your ideas

*Class name followed by category of where class is located or teacher name
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What’s Happening The Week!

Monday & Wednesday at 5pm- Debbie California Flow
(Ig Live & Zoom, Meeting ID 922 5317 6928 Password: 272635)

Thursday at 12pm- Estelle Ig Live Yoga For Runners

Friday at 5pm-Debbie Yoga Sculpt ( If want to join in on zoom same details as as above)

If you would like to share your experience with us, send us an email and tag us in your posts
This Weeks Playlists
Welcome to the YogaBears  Stan Creativity Challenge designed for ages 3 –  11 years.

This challenge is all about learning about our super-power of ‘creativity’ through fun activities, yoga postures, a yoga class and also a very special creativity meditation.

Over the next 7 weeks, YogaBears will take our children on a magical adventure through the 7 energy centres within the body and we will learn how to move and play in a way that will help us build our physical and emotional strength and well-being.

This challenge is free for all with Certificates along the way to celebrate our journey one energy centre at a time.

Please share and tag anyone parent, teacher, nan, grandad, guardian, aunties, uncles that you think would like to use this free resource.
Please get in touch! As always we are here if you need us, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

Have a great day.

Vicky & Jo xx