Membership Benefits just got better!!

Membership Benefits just got better!!

New Member Benefits 2019
Liverpool Yoga Studios will now be introducing member benefits for our monthly members. At LYS our members are the life blood of our business and we want to give something back as a sign of our gratitude.


Each month LYS will host 2 Workshops. These Workshops will be ran by LYS Teachers and also visiting Teachers who have been hunted down by Lead Teacher Beck and invited to LYS for our members to experience their unique teaching.

LYS will reserve 2 spaces for our full paying members. Each month we will ask our members to register their interest for a workshop they would like to attend. We will then pick at random 2 names for each workshop, meaning 4 members will get to attend the workshops for FREE!

First Up – Protruding Belly by Synergy Somatics

Feb 9th 2019 2pm – 5.30pm

Do you ever feel like that regardless of how you work, your abdominal muscles just don’t seem to pull your stomach into the position they should be in.
Do you feel like your lower back has a deep arch that causes a lot of tension and lower back pain? It is likely that your lower back muscles are over contracted which forces them forward and consequently, where do your abdominal muscles go? that’s right…forward too, so all the sucking in of the belly and sit ups in the world will not correct your posture until you learn to release the tension in your lower back.

This is a Somatic workshop on being able to control the muscles in the centre so that you have greater control over your centre of gravity, your posture and your core muscles.
This will allow better digestion, improved breathing and a better sense of yourself.

Fee: £35pp
Secondly – The Five Tibetan Rites with Live Jyoti Jackie

Feb 16th 2019 – 2pm – 5pm

Learn how to effectively strengthen and stretch all the main muscles in your body , in less than 15 minutes a day!
The Five Tibetan Rites also known as the ”Fountain of Youth”, because this practice effectively strengthens all the main muscles in your body. It also helps with balance. Keep yourself limber and strong by performing these rites daily.

Fee: £35
So now its over to you! Let us know if you would like to put your name forward to attend either of these workshops by dropping us an email or give us a call on 0151 236 1375.
Member Only Workshops

We are very excited to announce that as of Feb we will be running a monthly workshop for members only, which will be completely free!

The first Workshop will be a Meditation Workshop hosted by the amazing Eddie Wishart!

Date to be confirmed very soon!!