Liverpool Yoga Studios Launches Pure Intentions Charity

Liverpool Yoga Studios Launches Pure Intentions Charity

Estelle Cartlidge, Creator of Liverpool Yoga Studios is working alongside her partner, Michael McCluskie to launch Pure Intentions, a charity aiming to make wellness accessible to all in Liverpool. The first initiative from Pure Intentions, Take Your Path Onto the Mat, will rely on the help of local business owners to sponsor a yoga mat, making the amazing benefits of yoga available to those who need it most.

Take Your Path Onto the Mat aims to provide yoga, as well as some alternative health treatments, to service users from a wide range of Liverpool charities. As part of Take Your Path Onto the Mat, the team has designated a number of spaces in the studio’s regular classes to be given free-of-charge to charities. They will also offer studio space for a number of hours per week. Now they need businesses to help local yoga teachers fill these classes, for the groups of people identified by local charities as the most likely to benefit.

Since opening the studio in 2012, Estelle and Michael have seen some amazing transformations of their members, as yoga has impacted them physically, spiritually and emotionally. Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga Bears (yoga exclusively for children) are two areas where people appear to benefit the most. Yoga helps children to maintain their natural flexibility and to calm their mind, while pregnancy yoga can teach techniques to aid the birthing process. Take Your Path Onto the Mat hopes to make these classes more widely accessible.

Estelle said:

“Yoga empowers people to take control of their own lives and realise there is no pursuit to happiness, happiness is found on the journey and comes from within. Both Michael and I have enjoyed every moment of our yoga journey so far and we see Pure Intentions as our karma yoga – our way of sharing the gifts that yoga has given to us, to help others to realise their true potential…”

The first Liverpool business taking its path to the mat is Matta’s Liverpool, the eclectic and award winning food emporium, which offers a huge variety of health and super foods. Manager Dalip Matta said:

“I am passionate about natural health and wellness and really want to expand Matta’s to offer more services that help people take control of their own health. I know from first hand experience that yoga is a powerful way to stay healthy and happy, so am pleased to offer sponsorship to Take Your Path Onto the Mat…”

Michael McCluskie, Creator of Pure Intentions said:

“Estelle introduced me to yoga and now, after a few years of practice, I feel better than ever. With Pure Intentions I hope to provide businesses with a way to give back to the local community and directly benefit service users from charities across the city, helping to create health and wellness, not to mention lots of good karma!”

Charities and businesses, find out how to Take Your Path Onto the Mat by contacting: