How to Work Out at Home!

How to Work Out at Home!

I can’t actually believe as I write this how far we have come as a studio and upon reflection it is just incredible that we are now not only a physical studio in Liverpool but also an online studio. After lock-down our members spoke so we listened they wanted continued access to classes online that would support their practise daily especially for when they couldn’t get to the studio! 

So we have been working very hard behind the scenes not only to keep adding zoom classes and more pre-recorded classes to the library but also to put our wings in motion, to get ready to become the first virtual yoga and fitness studio LYS On Demand! 

Lots more exciting announcements coming, new teachers and new classes brought to you from all over the world including our home studio Liverpool Yoga Studios, so you still have all your favs!! As always, I am proud to say we have been innovative and just wanted to give you more of what we know you will love to help you LYS. love Your Self! 

The heart of LYS is its members and in a world that needs more unity we are excited to be able to unite more members not only nationally but worldwide. You will be able to work-out together inspiring and uniting as well as meet in our virtual changing rooms where you can share your fav postures, your fav class or just express how you are feeling in a safe virtual environment!

Online classes are available now and those already subscribing will get VIP membership discount once the virtual studio launches later this year! So if you are not already a member be innovative and create your future self now, you dream it and we will help make it happen with yoga classes, fitness workouts, coaching, fitspo food inspiration, anatomy workshops and much more.

So how do you set up your home workout routine, through your seven energy centres of course. The LYS philosophy is based around 7 ancient chakra points that are being increasingly proven by scientists like the amazing Jo Dispensa, we like to call them energy centres, so they feel relatable to all. Using my own personal experience working with my energy centres has created stability; creativity, strength, love, truth, personal atunement and freedom and I want you to experience the same opportunity to create energy centre balance through your personal home practise!

So let’s do this together………..

Get grounded: 

Have a special ritual before each class, light a candle or some incense, set an intention to focus on before your class feel safe, stable and grounded knowing for your whole LYS class there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, other than just do you! 


Create your workout space have a space where you can create quiet time even if it is in the bathroom, have your own studio, A magical space where you are disciplined enough not to leave until your class is over. A space where you feel comforted to go, each time you practise their you will uplift the energy so it will become more and more magical each time. 

Be strong:

Push yourself and allow our teachers help you to fly. The beauty of practising at home is that you can get extra classes in whenever you get a free minute, even if it is just 20 minute blasts, we have it all for you, and if you get to the end of the day and you feel sluggish because you have not had the time to practise switch on LYS online for some bed time yoga! Swap that sluggish feeling for blissful sleep! 


Find love for yourself by making time for your own workout schedule. Every Sunday evening set your me time meeting, time with yourself is just as important as time with the kids, meetings with new clients or dates with the husband. I could argue that they are actually more important but that’s a whole other blog! The magic of LYS online is that on the days you know you can’t get to studio you can still practise at home and not have the added travel time…… so you literally are getting the best of both worlds and why wouldn’t you set at least 5 me time meetings a week? take it from me my experience is you commit this time to yourself your body mind, soul, business, boss and family will reap the rewards! 

Be real:

Be true with yourself don’t make excuses all you need is you, don’t let the chitter chatter of the ego hold you back from your practise what is actually going to make you feel better? Another episode on Netflix, trip to the Fridge or one of our amazing workouts with your fav teacher! This is why having a ritual to begin class is so important as soon as you start to light that candle or smell that incense the feel good hormones will be powering you through your workout so it’s a win win, then you can watch Netflix and allow yourself a treat from the fridge……. mine at the minute is full fat high protein soya yoghurt sprinkled with cocoa perfect for after your workout with a cup of chai tea!

Attune to you:

After each yoga and fitness class set time for self-reflection/ meditation allow your body to absorb the feel good endorphins and your mind to make the use of optimum clarity that is why practicing of a morning starts your day with an injection of energy, you think smarter, feel healthier, make healthier choices and make those around you think “ I want what they are having  “ Just in case anyone asks tell them it’s the LYS life, Love Your Self every day! When life runs away with me if I run away from mediation nothing seems to flow right, anxiety can begin to hit and my energy levels and mind clarity falls to the floor so self atunement is one of the most relevant energy centres to me as a busy working mum of 3, I have to stop and listen, in order for everything to flow! So when you say you’re too busy for mediation it’s the first sign you need it! 

Be free:

Know that anytime you want to feel free all you need to do is connect your mind body and soul together and what better way to do it than in your own home studio. If you do a downward dog and feel like busting out a few little hip shakes, then do it! Your body is your best teacher so the more attuned you are during classes (which comes with practising more frequently) the freer you become! Crazy dancing Is always accepted in the comfort of your own home, so just do what feels good and the more you do this, you will love your at home yoga and fitness classes!

I am so excited for where this new chapter will take LYS! I still have members whom have been with me since I opened the doors to Liverpool Yoga Studios, and I can’t wait to have you with me as we open up the doors and gateways to the world! 

Love & light always