How are you Feeling?

How are you feeling today? Take time for reflection and give this a thought.

We’ve been thinking about ways that we can help you navigate Namastream and all its amazing content. 

This week we thought it would be a good time to tune in more with yourself each day, thus helping you to be more in tune with what LYS Class will maximise your day by regenerating your body & mind.

Here are our suggestions based on some of the common responses to feelings at this moment in time,

Stressed & Tired

Think about what time you are practicing. If it’s early morning check out Vinyasa Flow, Express Classes, HERO. Sometimes when we are stressed & tired we think that a slow practice may be best. However, if its morning time and you’re looking for motivation a fast paced, intense class can help focus a busy mind as opposed to trying to sit still and quieten the mind. We’ve added Fitness Blasts to the category’s today, head there if you are short on time and try out one of Danielle’s short classes that still reach that sweet core spot even in a shorter time. There are lots of Vinyasa Flows for you to try and we would like to encourage you to find a class you like and practice it over and over again so you really feel the benefits of the poses feeling your strength and mobility build throughout. If you are practicing late at night Hannahs Hatha’s classes will be perfect, especially the express classes designed especially for a blissful nights sleep. One important thing to note, is if your body is feeling stressed pull away from the strong physical practices before bed as these classes will energise you, think of it as like a shot of Expresso before bed! A Sivananda class is like a warm cup of soothing milk and would be perfect instead.


Most of what we have written above can be related to this feeling, however attention to your breath and also your mind would be beneficial. If you have a meditation practice, then this is where you need to be. There are lots of classes under the meditation category for you to try. Breath-Work classes would also be another great class and regular practice for you. Its important to remember that a yoga & fitness schedule can become a routine and we do not have to try different classes every week, it can be like your favourite cake or tipple, once you find it, you will go to it for comfort and enjoyment! 

Again most of the above can apply, however this is what Transform was designed for. Transform is a 7 week programme which encourages you to practice daily. Built around the 7 Chakras each week provides a 20min Fitness, 20min Yoga & 20min Inner Reflection activity. Transform was created by Estelle and its foundations are woven with the exact same values that our studio was built upon. This programme demands discipline and commitment, 2 really important traits that once mastered become 2 of the most incredible personality traits a person can have. The results and feedback from Transform have been amazing, if you are looking to create self motivation that is born by working our bodies in away that is aligned to the 7 energy centres within the body, this class is for you! Another great thing about Transform is that its a journey, you could team up with another member to do this together, providing encouragement and also celebration for your achievements along the way!

In Need of Some TLC 

If your body is recovering from injury or has developed a tightness over these past weeks, then a relaxing stretch is for you. Yin, Han B’s resets, Finding Focus with Cath or any of the bodily specific classes such as hip openers, shoulder releasing etc. You will find most of these classes under the Yin, Hatha, Sivananda, Express category’s. Another great class would be any of the Deep Rooted Stretch classes under the Rooted Rebel category!

Take away my sins 🙂

Whilst we believe there’s no issues with over indulging from time to time, if you’re feeling like you need to sweat away the sins, a good strong class is what you need. Ed & Jordan have created some brilliant classes from 30mins Fitness Blasts to the signature HERO classes we are all used too. Danielle has now filmed lots of amazing short abs, lower and full body blasts alongside new Pilates and Legs Bums & Tums. Our lovely Han D is having a well deserved rest and recoup at the moment and we are really lucky to have recordings of Wild and Rooted 60 that would again be perfect for you to take away those sins.Happy to help.As always we are always here to help, if you need some guidance on which classes to take, if your feeling lost, reach out and let us help! We now have the beautiful Emma supporting Jo and I and she’ll be on hand to answer your emails! 

Have a great week!