Have you heard about Earths Kiss and their incredible Shilajit Face Masks?

Have you heard about Earths Kiss and their incredible Shilajit Face Masks?

At LYS we have had the pleasure to meet the team at Earths Kiss an incredible organic and vegan producer of face-masks. Earths Kiss masks have a magical natural ingredient called Shilajit, we asked the team to share more info about this ingredient and why it’s so good for our skin!

Shilajit – The Best Kept Secret”

Shilajit, have you ever heard of it? Not many have! But this substance has been used for centuries. It was used by our ancestors for medicinal purposes, as well as being used as an aid for our modernised, everyday skincare routines. But the question is, where does it come from? And WHY is this magical gift from nature so special? 

We’re here to let you in on all its secrets!

Shilajit is found predominately up high in the Himalayan Mountains, it is a sticky blackish/brown substance which takes centuries to form, and it comes from the decomposition of certain plants. 

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The first documented reference to Shilajit dates back to the 6th Century BCE. During the medieval era, it was believed that Shilajit gave anyone who took it, ‘magical powers’ by allegedly enabling those to see all the 7 worlds of hell. Pretty deep, huh?!

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Aside from this, it was (and still is) mainly used for its healing properties. Shilajit is widely used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-aging compound. The health benefits of Shilajit have been shown to differ from region to region, depending on the place from which it was extracted, however, many of the latest research studies have shown it has great potential as a prevention for Alzheimer’s disease.

Other common traditional uses include:

Jaundice, digestive disorders, anaemia, kidney stones, enlarged spleen, epilepsy, nervous disorders, chronic bronchitis, and even sexual health! 

So, now that you know what it can do for your health, imagine what it can do for your skin! 

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Shilajit and its natural ingredients not only keep the skin fresh and glowing, but it also protects skin tissues. When Shilajit is applied on the skin, it performs a “cleansing process”. The skins pores undergo this cleansing process due to the detoxifying properties found in Shilajit. It removes the toxins and free radicles from pores and brings life back to your skin cells, thus keeping the cells alive and healthy for longer period of time!

 (In short, it keeps you looking youthful and helps fight against acne prone skin!) 

Now you know, we bet you’d love to get your hands on some Shilajit based skincare, right? We’ve got you covered. If you’d like to test out the truly magical benefits of this substance on your skin, then you can purchase the Earth Kiss range on Amazon UK. The entire range is vegan, cruelty-free, and energised with Himalayan Shilajit! 


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So, there you have it. Shilajit. It’s pretty amazing stuff, right? – Whether it’s used for medicinal reasons, or as part of your new and improved skincare routine, there’s no doubt that your skin, body, and soul will certainly thank you for it!

Look out for our Earths Kiss competition at the end of June to be in with a chance of winning some free face-masks over on the LYS Instagram & Facebook!!