Have you booked a date with yourself!

Have you booked a date with yourself!

“The Goddess or god doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking.”

All very well said and done but how do you do it? How do you even begin to think straight let alone reach higher consciousness? 

Well in my experience you make a commitment to yourself, you think about what you want to do, you set the date/dates to do it and then you make sure you show up for yourself, you never heard it here first but please believe it, because you are worth it! 

Just like we book appointments with friends, colleagues, spouses as well as in my case (and maybe yours) becoming my children’s own personal play date and activity PA why wouldn’t you book some time in with you? Why just book one date in when you could book 30! 

That’s what the LYS 30-day challenge is all about, 30 days of dating yourself to reveal the real you! Not what your boss expects, your kids want, or society asks but to make time and talk to you, reconnect to your purpose and yes, your higher fabulous self so you can feel like the best version of you! 

This month we are hosting a 30-day challenge at LYS something we have done since way back in our Bikram days! We just love the sense of community it creates everyone working together for a common goal of self-love and liberation! 

What is even more magic about this September challenge is that now our community is bigger and everyone has the opportunity to practice in our beautiful hot and cosy studios and from the comfort and confidence (if your still a little shy to practice in a group) of your home but still feel connected to the LYS tribe!

Every day of our LYS 30 day challenge is about Loving Your Self a little bit more, the more you spend time with yourself ( I have experienced it, felt it and seen it with my own eyes) the more you begin to love your beautiful self.

Loving is an inside job first! No one else can do it for you, you have to cultivate it yourself, so don’t be held back by the past, create your own future, clear head space and unblock your body, come and join our LYS challenge today, we got you!