Flowing with the Seasons

Flowing with the Seasons


Heated hatha is now into it’s summer sequence. I like to update the class with the seasons
as its important for us to be in tune and flow with nature, so a good way to do so is with our
yoga practice.
According to ayuvedic traditions with the qualities of summer are hot, sharp, and
penetrating. That’s why our pitta dosha—also known as mind-body types—tends to flare up
when the temperatures rise. Pitta-related imbalances include sunburn, hot flashes,
exhaustion, acne, and diarrhoea. Emotionally, excess pitta can manifest as anger, jealousy,
and impatience.
Practicing early in the morning with sunrise, when the sun is at its coolest and practising
cooling pranayama and asana will all help to keep our pitta dosha controlled.
I’ve created a sequence that allows you to ground, create strength and flexibility with
balancing postures, hip openers and twists that cool and calm the body and mind.
As always with my classes, I like to give you the tools to be able to get comfortable and
present in each posture, so you’ll leave the class feeling cool, calm and collected ready for
your day ahead.

Due to popular demand, we have also made the Friday morning class 60 minutes (06:30-
07:30), so if you were struggling getting up for a 90 minute class or couldn’t commit with
work, we’ve now made it easier for you to get to class.

See you all next Friday in the hot room.
Han x

Ayurvedic tips for staying cool in summer
 Stay hydrated
 Eat cooling foods such as leafy greens, coconut, watermelon, cucumber and avoid
hot drinks, spicy food, alcohol and caffeine
 Moisturize your skin with coconut oils and aloe vera gel
 Sandalwood essential oil