Find your destiny in Delta Brainwaves!

Find your destiny in Delta Brainwaves!

When was the last time you let yourself chillax?

Something I am finding a little easier this days is rest, from someone who always felt the need to be on the go and doing something, I know it’s better for my whole being to include lots of rest too (whenever I can)

Too often in life we take our selves in to fight or flight without realizing it and to be honest it can become quite addictive…..particularly after traumatic events are bodies become Accustomed to it almost like a shot of coffee it keeps you going, keeps you moving but what you actually become to realize is you are not moving foward your just treading water using all your energy reserves just to keep moving….

The brain stem is where the fight or flight response activates the body. Staying alive is our most basic need, so when our brain detects danger, it sends a signal through the spinal cord to the autonomic nervous system that will then alert the targeted organs and muscles to take appropriate action.

However is today’s world there is not the historic need to hide from prey like a dear and sometimes we can find ourselves running into the headlights! for the things that cause us anxiety meeting like meeting new people, public’s speaking or Evan fear of being hurt.

When people experience something traumatic and/or have PTSD, they may no longer feel as though the world is a safe place. For example if someone has a car accident or someone close to them dies suddenly they begin to feel as though danger is everywhere or it could be more subtle and they just have this anxious feeling of uncertainty or feeling unsafe .

This feeling of uncertainty is also directly linked to our grounding energy centre muladara which will feel rocked out of alignment and balance, if we are feeling unsafe thus misaligning our other 6 energy centres which is why anxiety can make us feel so unbalanced.

Because we feel ungrounded, a person may constantly be in a state of fear and anxiety having a contatant need to be on the go!

so why not just stop? it’s easier said then done believe me but with mindfullness and energy centre work through yoga we can switch off the flight or fight response and find our destiny in delta!

Delta brainwaves are slow, loud brainwaves just like the mesmerizing beat of the drum. They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy and unconditional love thus they empower us and help us to feel safe!

We all need more delta because healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, so let’s all find a little more delta heal ourselves if we need to thus beginning to heal as a whole consciousness.

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