Beck Yoga – What Liverpool Yoga Studios means to me

Beck Yoga – What Liverpool Yoga Studios means to me

 remember the first day I attended Liverpool yoga studios as a Student; having no knowledge at this time what a huge impact this place would have on my life and help me to grow not only as a person but as a teacher. 

I had already qualified as a teacher, but id been living in Australia for the previous two years of my life and then I had been living in India for 3+ months completing my teacher training.  

In reality I knew nothing of the Liverpool yoga community as yoga had been introduced into my life while I was away in Australia. 

Yoga has provided me with many things, one of them being confidence, at that time though I was still very shy. I attended only non hot classes, I didn’t really talk to anybody.  

At the time, the studio was split into two separate studios (there were two entrances), so I never interacted with the hot studio or the hot yogis. The way the studio was designed (some of you might remember), you could occasionally catch a glance over to the other side and I would see everybody moving about in the hot studio and be so curious. 

I remember asking one of my fellow practitioners ‘Whats it like’ – as if it was this unknown majestical other side of the studio. 

Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I plucked up the courage to attend a class, it was a Bikram class with a travelling teacher, and I LOVED IT.  Don’t get my wrong it was challenging, I wasn’t used to practicing in these conditions, but everyone had been so supportive, it felt like this great achievement. 

I then started attending classes at both sides of the studio, I was going quite regularly and eventually befriended one of the other teachers. 

She had put my name forward to start teaching at the studio, initially it was as a children’s yoga teacher. 

I met with Estelle (our owner) and I was given some classes on the studio schedule and completed the yoga bears teacher training and taught some yoga bears classes. 

My first ever class was SO SCARY, I was super nervous. It is a very interesting experience, when you have spent time as a student looking towards the front of the class to now have the roles reversed and it was a hot class, can you imagine the irony.  I had already been teaching for over a year at this point but this felt special. 

Since that day, I have never left.  Progressively I have added more classes to my schedule and a year ago, my beautiful manager offered me a role as the ‘lead’ teacher at LYS.  I felt so grateful to have been considered for this role, at my favourite studio, my second home. 

Being the lead teacher meant that I was able to represent a studio that for me had literally changed my life and who I was as a person. 

Sometimes I look back at the girl who sheepishly waited outside for class to begin, dreaming ‘imagine if I could teach here’, pondering the unknown of the hot studio, and she’s almost unrecognisable, I have to pinch myself sometimes to see where I am now and where the studio is now.  Teaching multiple times on the schedule and also running regular morning classes. 

I now had the opportunity to play a bigger role in helping other people on their journey, just as the studio had helped me. 

There is something very special about Liverpool Yoga Studios. I think with any voyage in life, the intention behind that voyage is what really matters.  And when you speal with our beautiful owner and our two managers at the studio, you see the true intention.  The intention is love.  Our main goal always is to create a space where yoga is available for EVERYBODY.  

Recently I began participation in the 30 days yoga challenge, that we host at the studio (30 classes of yoga for 30 days), and I was so overwhelmed by the incredible experiences I had from every single class, sometimes when you become a teacher you forget what it feels like to really be a student.  Every time I attend a class I learn something new, whether that be a new posture, a fitness regime or just to be still and breath.  It seems that the studio always provides what I need.  My favourite part of now being a teacher is observing other students grow and develop themselves, through this habit of yoga and cultivating self love. 

We have an amazing community at LYS and it is open to everybody.  I am constantly observing and interacting to try and understand how we can continue to better ourselves and our service to you as a community.  If you ever have any suggestions I am always available for a chat 🙂