Acceptance versus Passivity

Fate whispered :You cannot weather the storm! The warrior whispered I am the STORM! LYS life demonstrates in every weather you are the eye of the storm and it is not about being in control it is letting go to your own creation ️

It’s easy to feel powerless right now, like fate is going to take place and what will be will be but there is a difference between acceptance and passivity. Acceptance in yoga philosophy is a person’s acceptance so that they can find ‘Peace’ in any situation even when it may not be favourable to them.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu. 

Sometimes if we spend too much time and energy being frustrated about the situation we are in, we miss the opportunity to grow and facilitate the greater good and create our future selves! The very act of letting go brings peace and in this peaceful state the answers will come, and creation will happen! In my experience as a practitioner and a teacher, Yoga helps me to make peace with a situation so I can begin to create the solution when needed, and I know so many of my students have completely changed their lives through their yoga journey starting off with a job that didn’t fit or a relationship that they did not feel nurtured in. Yoga helped them to make life choices to get that dream job and feel nurtured, literally allowing themselves to create their own futures, through spending time with themselves……. this is what I call the LYS life! Loving Your Self enough to spend time with you, to find acceptance and peace for where you are at and Loving Your Self enough to know your irreplaceable worth. 

When we realise our worth and that we can create our own destiny, we realise we have the power to do everything to empower ourselves, not being passive and feeling powerless but accepting the situation and making the future brighter because of it. Right now, if we align our thoughts, speech, and actions with our best and highest possible self, and offer everything we think, speak and do to something greater than ourselves. We are not being passive we are affirming that our destinies truly lie within our own hands……..the more we spend time with ourselves the greater our power

As the creator and CEO of LYS I know and have seen first-hand the magic of community and bringing people together, the more we feel our own power the more proactive we become not to just change ourselves but to change the world because yes we are that ‘Powerful’ and together we are even stronger. The more we live the LYS life the more the winds of change will RAGE! We got this 🏼

Come and join our amazing community today it all starts with you and then it becomes us! 

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One Love Estelle