30 DAY CHALLENGE, 10th Jan 2022

Are you ready to start 2022 in the best possible way?

Starting on the 10th Jan LYS will host a new 30 day challenge. This challenge is all about your overall wellness!

As we start a new year, it’s a really good opportunity to reflect and see what lessons 2021 taught us. Did you pick up any bad habits? or maybe you achieved that goal you’ve been chasing! Whatever 2021 brought to you now it’s time to think about what direction you want 2022 to take you? Do you want to start 2022 feeling in the best possible shape? Is it time to break that mould, do something you’ve never done before or aim that bit higher for your fitness levels or that bit lower on the scales? Everyone wins with a 30 day challenge! Existing LYS members will push themselves to do that class every day and maybe try classes they wouldn’t before. New to LYS members, well what an intro this is, you literally couldn’t get any better!

The LYS 30 day challenges started way back when we just a Bikram Yoga Studio and Bikram Yoga was on the schedule twice a day. The logic behind the 30 days is that it takes 30 days to start a fresh, break the old cycle and be in with the best possible chance of building new sustainable routines and habits. The 30 day challenges were a massive hit with so much buzz and the community spirit was electric.

Fast-forward to Jan 2022 and we have at least a 4 class per day schedule which is a complete blend of hot yoga, spinning, strength & conditioning, boxing & circuits! This means that the 30 day challenge just got really exciting.


The 30 day challenge will start on Monday the 10th Jan and challengers will need to complete a class per day at the Studio. As the challenge progresses if you need to miss a day you always have the option to double up on another, workshops are also included!

All challenge winners receive a ‘challenge T Shirt’ at the end of the 30 days plus a little goodie bag!

To register follow the steps below:

Existing LYS Members drop us an email info@liverpoolyogastudios.co.uk

New to LYS sign up for your 30 Days here, access to the Studio starts on Jan 10th!