Heal studios is the official hub for ShredFast and the only place you can experience the classes in person. But that’s not all we offer. We have Yoga, 1-2-1’s, Saunas, Ice Baths, physio therapists, nail specialists, aesthetics practitioners and much more. We are officially the fastest growing wellbeing centre in the UK and soon to be the world.

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Heal Studios, the official hub for ShredFast and the only place to experience these classes in person, offers much more, including Yoga, 1-2-1 training, saunas, ice baths, physiotherapy, nail care, and aesthetic treatments. As the fastest growing wellbeing centre in the UK, we invite you to join The Movement. Sign up now to secure your first month for £25, use code ‘SUMMER25’ at checkout.

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Prepare to embark on an exhilarating and life-altering journey at HEAL, Liverpool’s premier wellbeing center! Nestled in the pulsating heart of the city, HEAL offers unparalleled value that will transcend your wildest expectations. Upon joining our vibrant community, you’ll experience a holistic transformation, both physically and mentally, guiding you towards becoming the very best version of yourself. But here’s the thrilling part: our dynamic offerings are just a click away. By signing up on our website and downloading our app from the App Store, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of classes and gain the power to reserve your spot in an instant. HEAL is not just a destination; it’s your path to an epic journey of self-discovery and wellness. Join us now and let’s rewrite your story together!

How it Works

What is HEAL?
HEAL is not your typical gym; it’s your sanctuary for total well-being. Our unique offerings include ShredFast, a revolutionary fitness program for rapid results, and Yoga for holistic balance. Whether you’re on a quest to shed pounds, build strength, find inner peace, or simply feel your best, we’ve got you covered. Our expert trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals swiftly, while our experienced yoga instructors will guide you towards mental clarity and serenity. Combining the best of both worlds, HEAL offers a complete wellness experience that leaves you needing nothing more. Join our tight-knit community and transform your life at HEAL, where wellness transcends the ordinary.
How much does it cost?

Join us for just £10 per drop-in class, or experience the full wellness journey with our memberships starting at just £30. Elevate your well-being affordably at HEAL.

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What other facilities does HEAL provide?

“At HEAL, we’ve gone above and beyond to create an unparalleled wellness experience. Our classes are the city’s favorites, with a minimum of 45 enthusiasts in each session, but that’s just the beginning. We offer a wide range of facilities, including a spacious hot room for up to 70 people, a fully-equipped gym with cardio and weights, rejuvenating saunas, invigorating ice baths, timed cold showers, and serene treatment rooms for massages, Reiki, and beauty treatments.

Relax in our cozy lounge area or in our newly opened coffeeshop, Coffee Asia, adding an even stronger sense of community to our already thriving space. Discover HEAL and experience well-being on a whole new level!

Do I need to bring equipment with me for classes?

We offer equipment rentals, and our own alkaline water machine but if you prefer to bring your own for a personal touch and added hygiene, please bring a mat, towel, and plenty of water – especially important because our hot room gets sizzling!

Where is HEAL located?

Discover us at our welcoming location in the heart of Liverpool City Centre:

Focus Building,
Great Crosshall Street,
Liverpool, L3 2AP

We look forward to welcoming you to our gym!


Does HEAL have parking?

Yes, we have free parking available which can be found on Johnson street, the right turn before HEAL.

Parking is very limited so if there is no spaces available you can park at Derry’s Gym, located at the Marybone Centre.

Reach your goals

My main purpose in life is to improve the physical and mental health of as many people as possible through ShredFast. HEAL allows me to reach and spread my vast knowledge of health and well-being with the world.

Luke Powell,

Shredfast Founder

I believe we all have an innate potential for greatness and that gateway is HEAL.
A ‘High Energy Abundant Life’ is possible for all and it is my intention to help people realise this.

Estelle Mccluskie,

Heal Co-Founder


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